Cambridge International prepares school students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. Cambridge is part of the University of Cambridge. Cambridge Pathway gives students a clear path for educational success from age 5 to 19. DPS as a Cambridge School, believes in shaping the Curricula around the way that students learn. Cambridge also offers a wide range of subjects and flexible ways of instruction. It helps students to discover novel aptitude and a experience an expansive world, and gives them the skills they need for life.


Rest assured that Cambridge students’ qualifications are acknowledged throughout their education and career, not only in their home country but also internationally. Every year thousands of students use Cambridge qualifications to secure admissions in about 1500 leading universities worldwide including more than 600 universities in the US itself (including all the Ivy League) and all the universities in the UK.


With the Cambridge Pathway, your child is connecting with a global community of learners from more than 10000 schools in over 160 countries. By developing a global outlook in Cambridge learners, we aim to facilitate their journey in the fast-advancing world.

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Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award

In the very second batch of its IGCSE board exams,DPS Nacharam, Cambridge wing catapulted in the book of recognition with Master Sriram Srigiri winning the prestigious ‘Outstanding Cambridge Learner’ award for the subject Environmental Management (0680).

He was felicitated for the 'Top of India' national achievement with his subject mentor Mr. Sunil Tiwari at the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards Ceremony held at Mumbai, India on 28th January,2024. The award will shine as an inspiration to the fellow students and mentors to strive and achieve the best.



Ancy Thomas

Math Facilitator, Primary Administrator

As a Cambridge Math Facilitator, my journey has been incredibly rewarding and inspiring. Working with students on their mathematical journey has not only deepened my own understanding of the subject but has also allowed me to witness the growth and development of young minds.I've had the privilege of guiding students through challenging concepts, helping them build problem-solving skills, and fostering a love for mathematics.

Anil Kumar

Hindi Facilitator

I have 25 years of teaching experience in national and international curriculums. I started my career as a teacher just because of my passion to teach the students and make them a good global citizen who can spread the importance of Hindi as one of the important language of communication. I am an IB certified Teacher. I attended IB Diploma Programme Language B Category 1 & 2 workshop, Organized by IB Regional Office for Asia Pacific in Mumbai.


Hindi Facilitator

In this curriculum, I learned how to integrate an approach to teaching the four skills. With the support available, we can deliver Cambridge Primary Hindi using a broad range of activities that promote experience, reflection, and improvement. A few strategies implemented are hands-on learning, collaborative learning, formative assessment tools, and technology-based learning. The online tools used by the facilitators/ learners have enhanced their understanding.

Ms. Cassandra Andrews

Cambridge English Facilitator

As a Cambridge English facilitator , I've sculpted an educational odyssey adorned with multifaceted accomplishments. With more than a decade of unwavering dedication at DPS Nacharam, I've ignited the flames of knowledge in countless young minds, transforming them into veritable beacons of intellect. My classroom is a crucible of inspiration, where each student's unique abilities are kindled with tailored precision.


Homeroom Facilitator

The Cambridge Primary curriculum is outlined to help young learners explore themselves and the world. Through this curriculum, learners develop an inquisitive attitude and are encouraged to ask questions to set clear goals for their learning.As a Cambridge homeroom facilitator, I've had the privilege of nurturing young minds and fostering a dynamic learning environment.Guiding students through the Cambridge curriculum has been a rewarding journey.

Sonali Khandat

Chemistry Facilitator

I am Sonali Khandat(MTech ) dedicated facilitator working with DPS Nacharam. Here at DPS We have wonderful teaching learning process occurring with hands on activities for students. I am a Chemistry facilitator full of enthusiasm and fervour for the colourful subject. I deal with the creative lot of inquisitive students which makes my job challenging. But answering them and fostering education in engaging way is beauty of Cambridge learning.

Dharma Rao Landa

Chemistry Facilitator

Cambridge curriculum gave me confidence, innovative and resourceful, secure in my knowledge yet open to new ideas and opinions. I learned how to be a responsible teacher.I learned many things from Cambridge curriculum and syllabuses and like: demonstrate innovative and effective classroom practice, know subject and curriculum content and how to teach it, demonstrate effective use of digital technologies to support teaching and learning.

Divya J

Computing Facilitator

My teaching experience as a teacher has reinforced my desire to be a Cambridge computing facilitator. Sharing the workspace with peers and learners taught me a great deal of discipline and time management, which are essential in the teaching profession. Balancing numerous activities, pieces of training, webinars, and workshops has provided me with a lot of experience that made me very efficient one such training is in Chrome extensions.

Ms. M K Sarvani

French Facilitator

Ms. M K Sarvani, having B2 Certification in French Language from Alliance Française d’Hyderabad and Advance Diploma in French from Osmania University has experience in teaching French for over 5 years in a reputed CBSE school and also trained students in a Foreign Language Training center . She has a Masters in Computer Science and also has an experience of 10 months working in a MNC before taking up the job as a Teacher.


Cambridge English Facilitator

As a Facilitator who works with the Cambridge Primary English curriculum, I feel that this framework empowers learners in their application of English, and encourages life-long enthusiasm for reading, writing and spoken communication. It develops communication skills in English that learners can apply in everyday situations and in study. It also equips them with transferrable language skills for interrogating and producing spoken and written texts.

Ms. S.Vasantha Kumari

Mathematics Facilitator & HOD

As a Cambridge facilitator, I support learners through the process and help maximize their education by encouraging collaboration and self-learning. The main focus is to stimulate discussions, ask questions to get the group thinking, and encourage peer-to-peer communication. A blend of in-person and online teaching is delivered at Cambridge to make the learners subject matter experts.

Sri Kalyani

Science Facilitator

My journey as a science teacher in Cambridge began with a deep passion for science and education. I earned my Bachelors degree in Biotechnology (B Tech. Biotechnology) and Bed . Physics and English and pursued and will be pursuing further studies in my chosen field ie., teaching to ensure I was well-prepared for the demands of teaching in this renowned educational hub.

Ms. Porna Ojha

IGCSE and Lower Secondary English Facilitator

9 years back, I started my journey at DPS Nacharam . It’s been a long and fulfilling journey. I started as a primary English teacher for the CBSE International curriculum. Next, the exposure of the international curriculum led us to take the route of Cambridge. I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned while teaching the Cambridge curriculum to the students, first with the primary checkpoint, then secondary and next was IGCSE.

Prashant Joshi

Cambridge Assessment Specialist & Experienced Teacher

Cambridge Assessment Specialist & Experienced Teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the field of education and management of educational institutions . Skilled in Microsoft office, Managerial Economics, Curriculum design, training educators, Managing Teams etc. Vastly experienced in technological usage in classroom and Management.Strong education professional with a Master in Commerce (Tax & Accounting).


Cambridge Computing & ICT Facilitator

As a Cambridge Computing & ICT Facilitator at Delhi Public School, Nacharam, my journey in the world of technology and education has been shaped by a passion for innovation and a commitment to nurturing the digital skills of our students and I am passionate about bringing the exciting world of technology into the classroom. My academic journey has equipped me with a solid foundation in technology and a deep understanding of its applications in education.


Science Facilitator

The Cambridge Curriculum framework provides a structured approach from primary to secondary levels that prepares students for further studies in science and related fields. They play a crucial role in helping students develop a strong foundation in scientific knowledge and skills that can serve them well in their academic and professional journeys. In addition to imparting scientific knowledge.

Roja Rani

Cambridge Primary - Social, GP Facilitator and HOD

The Cambridge Primary Global Perspectives curriculum is designed to help young learners explore the world and its important issues. Through this curriculum, students are encouraged to ask questions and set clear goals for their learning. I've utilized tools like lesson plans and assessments to support their progress. By incorporating hands-on activities, teamwork, and technology, I've made learning engaging and effective for my students.

Sayan Karmakar

Cambridge English Facilitator

Teaching English in the Cambridge Curriculum has been a rewarding and transformative experience for me. When I first embarked on this journey, I was filled with a mix of excitement and apprehension at the same time – unaware about the fact that it would be a defining chapter in my career. The Cambridge Curriculum is renowned for its rigorous standards and holistic approach to education.

Shine Maria Jacob

Cambridge homeroom facilitator

As a Cambridge homeroom facilitator, I've had the privilege of nurturing young minds and fostering a dynamic learning environment. Guiding students through the Cambridge curriculum has been a rewarding journey, filled with moments of growth, exploration, and academic excellence. It's been truly fulfilling to witness their curiosity flourish, their skills sharpen, and their confidence soar.


Science facilitator

Our exciting new primary science curriculum helps learners develop a life-long curiosity about the natural world and enables them to seek scientific explanations to the phenomena around them. The Cambridge primary science curriculum framework provides children with a well-rounded scientific education, encouraging them to investigate and explore the environment around them.

Sudeshna Hore

Business Studies and English

Being a Cambridge IGCSE and A Levels Business Studies and English (9093) teacher for the past 11 years has been a remarkable journey. Each day has been a significant enriching and is filled with both pros and cons that have shaped me personally and professionally.One of the critical aspects of being a Cambridge teacher is the rigorous curriculum and assessment standards that Cambridge maintains.

Sunil Kumar

Spanish Facilitator-CAIE

My journey as a Spanish Facilitator in DPS Nacharam has been a remarkable and transformative experience. From the very first day I stepped into the classroom, I knew I was embarking on a path that would challenge me, inspire me, and ultimately shape my perspective on education and its profound impact on young minds. One of the most profound aspects of my teaching experience has been the opportunity to understand and navigate the dynamics of a classroom.


Science Facilitator

The Cambridge primary science curriculum framework provides children with good hands on activities investigations and scientific enquiry where the learners explore the environment. I have attempted to teach the learners by including activities in the teaching resources and others wherever it is required for the learners to understand it in detail. We have also explored doing some investigations where the learners are asked to predict their answers before the investigation.

Viswam Pathiyil

Cambridge Math Facilitator

During the three months I spent as a Cambridge Math Facilitator in Delhi Public School, Nacharam, I had experiences that changed my perspective on education in many ways. Adopting the Cambridge curriculum meant taking on a different educational approach, one that was deeply student-centered and sought to create inquisitive, informed, and independent learners. Gone were the days of rote memorization; .

Zeba Iqbal

Facilitator and HOD

Hello, I am Zeba Iqbal. I have been working with Delhi Public School, Nacharam since 2022 as Computer Science Facilitator for IGCSE and A2 levels. As a dedicated Cambridge Facilitator, I have had the privilege of guiding students through their educational journey, fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment. With a profound commitment to the principles of Cambridge education.


Computer Science Facilitator

With over a decade of experience in computer science education, I passionately prepare higher secondary students for the 21st century, emphasizing skills like Artificial Intelligence, Python/Java, and Web Applications. Recognized as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (2022-2023) and Google Educator Certified, I received India's 1st IT GURU AWARD as the "Most Innovative Teacher" and the Annual Teachers' Award.



The four stages of Cambridge Pathway lead seamlessly from Primary to Secondary and pre-university years. Each stage builds the learners’ development from the previous one; it can also be offered separately. At DPS Cambridge we pave paths for building a Curricula, that matches student’s individual needs. Upon completion of Cambridge Upper Secondary and Cambridge Advanced stages, your child can achieve globally recognized qualifications like Cambridge IGCSE or Cambridge International AS & A Level.


Cambridge Pathway helps students develop in-depth knowledge, conceptual understanding and higher order thinking skills. We regard that education is most effective when Curricula, teaching and assessment are closely aligned.



Constructive education for your genius children. Success is in front of you, we at DPS will show the right way.



The ‘ DPS Erudite Merit Scholarship’ welcomes the most meritorious students across the globe for admission with scholarships in the categories of; Academics, Sports, and Co-curricular programs. DPS Nacharam in a quest to embrace students beyond boundaries, has been offering the ‘ DPS Erudite Merit Scholarship’ since the academic year 2018.

Scholarship tests are also conducted every year to the existing students to reward them for their outstanding achievement, to motivate them to further excel and to offer them financial aid accordingly. Scholarships are offered to the extent of fee waiver in tuition fees from 25%, 50%, 75% to 100%. The candidates will have to meet the eligibility criteria. Scholarship dates will be notified through the school website.



We at DPS impart Adaptive learning that helps students provide focused and undivided attention to an individual.



Constructive education for your genius children. Success is in front of you, we at DPS will show the right way.

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“Attending **Era Fest** was an incredible experience for our family. The Family Day Carnival was a perfect blend of fun and learning, providing a great time for everyone involved. We'd like to extend our appreciation to the **head boy Bhavishya and the organizing team** for their hard work and dedication in making this event such a success. It was truly a memorable day, and we can't wait for future events!”

Ratipriya Chandna

“As the Head Boy DPS Nacharam Cambridge Wing, I take immense pride in organizing the Family Day Carnival - Era Fest. It was heartwarming to witness the joy and excitement on the faces of all the kids and families who attended the event. The "Travel to Tmes" theme was a hit, providing both entertainment and educational value. Seeing the community come together to support various educational needs made this event even more special. I'm grateful to everyone who participated and contributed to its success. It was an unforgettable experience, and I'm thrilled to have been a part Of it. Looking forward to creating more cherished memories in the future!”

Bhavishya Chandak

“Our family had a fantastic time at the Family Day Carnival - Era Fest! The event was well-organized, and we must applaud the efforts of the head boy, Bhavishya, and Student Council for doing an exceptional job in organizing such a wonderful event. From the engaging activities to the creative historical theme • Travel to Times," everything was top-notch. Kudos to the Student Council, for their excellent initiative. We can't wait for the next one!”

Jane Smith

“The Family Day Carnival at DPS Nacharam was a huge hit! The Era Fest was packed with exciting activities that kept the kids entertained and engaged throughout the day. We commend the organizers for their meticulous planning and execution, which made the event a grand success. Wed like to express our gratitude to the head boy for his leadership in making this carnival happen. It was truly an enjoyable and educational experience for the whole family!”

Sameer Praharaj
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