DPS Nacharam is one of the Best Residential Schools in Hyderabad. Among the top-best International Residential Schools in Hyderabad, DPS Nacharam Residential School has a real sense of responsibility to make young minds resilient, motivated and resourceful.


DPS Nacharam school strives arduous to make this transition of “moving away from home” for the first time, as smooth as possible for the child by providing a homely, holistic environment which enhances and grooms the astute, emotional and convivial facets of a child’s personality, thus paving the way for the future ecumenical citizen.



Computer Facilities

The Computer lab is centralized AC and has distinctive high-speed internet, upgraded operating systems, LCD, LED monitors, with power backup.

Health Services

An infirmary with a 24/7 qualified experienced doctor and nurse for regular check-ups and medical emergencies simultaneously a tie-up with reputed Hospitals in the vicinity.

Field Trips

Short excursions are planned for students to explore the city and peripheral locations of the city, which is the land of the Nizams.


All external communication is monitored to ensure strict security standards. This would also ensure effective Time Management.

Security Services

Strict security measures will be utilized to ensure authorized visits along with stipulated hours for visitors and safe and secure campus.

Laundry Services

Students will be supported by an effective laundry system to maintain high standards of health & hygiene.

Dining Hall

The nutrition and succulent food with the variety of vegetarian, non-vegetarian and continental cuisines makes the hostel food –the food by choice.


The wide world of books ranging from encyclopedias to reference books, from travelogues to fiction coupled with relevant journals and daily newspapers span the shelves.


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