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Our Team


Mrs. M.F. Shanti Anthony

I am delighted to be leading this incredible Cambridge Wing of the school. The richness of diversity, the electric vibe of character and ambitious outlooks, combine together to form the backbone of our school.
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Ms. VidyaNisthala

Ms. Vidya Nisthala will be leading the IGCSE Programme as the IGCSE Co-ordinator. She is an IGCSE, AS and A level trained Mathematics teacher with ten years of teaching experience in delivering the Cambridge curriculum.
She is a very dynamic and meticulous person, with an eye for detail and has three world toppers at the IGCSE level to her credit


Ms. PornaOjha

Ms. PornaOjha is certified Cambridge English (FLE) teacher. She has done her Masters in English and B. Ed. She has been with DPS, Nacharam since 2015 and knows her students well. Prior to teaching at DPS, Nacharam, she has worked in well-known international schools.

2nd Language (French & Spanish)Teacher


Jyothirmai, IGCSE 2nd Language (French & Spanish)Teacher has an experience of over 8 years in teaching French in IGCSE schools and is also a trained Spanish tutor.

2nd Language (Hindi)Teacher

Lata Srivastava

Lata Srivastava, IGCSE 2nd Language (Hindi)Teacher has a long and diverse experience of 21 years in Hindi language teaching. She is a talented educator with an established ability to teach, inspire and direct students.

Physics & Biology Teacher, Senior School

Mr. Sunil Tiwari

Mr. Sunil Tiwari is a Cambridge certified Physics and Biology teacher, with 5 years of experience in teaching IGCSE and working as an exam officer. Mr. Tiwari is a Biotechnology engineer by qualification and a teacher by choice.

ICT Teacher, Senior School

K.Ranga Chary

K.Ranga Chary has an M.Sc in Computer Science. He has 15 years of experience in teaching CBSE & International curriculum (IGCSE Cambridge).


Ms. ANJALI TAKALKAR is a trained A.I.E.C.C.E teacher. She has a caring attitude which makes her adept at handling little children

Cassandra Mary Andrews

Cassandra Mary Andrews has 12 experience in teaching English.She has a Masters in English, B. Ed and (PGDTE) from EFLU Hyderabad

Homeroom teacher, Grade2


A Software Engineer by qualification, Ms. Kaval has over 7 years of experience in field of molding young minds

Primary School English

Sayan Karmakar

Sayan Karmakar is a qualified Post graduate in English with over 5 years teaching experience.

Primary English Teacher

ArcotJagannathan Indira

Masters in English with over 20 years of experience in teaching English at various levels in the Cambridge programme

Manisha N

A Masters in Education, Manisha, teacher Social Sciences and Global Perspectives to Middle School

RekhaDevulapalli (Art & Design )

A graduate with over 7 years of experience in teaching Art

Primary Mathematics

Santhi Priya Bhattaram

SanthiPriya is a Certified Cambridge Primary Mathematics Teacher and has over 12 years experience

Primary Language Teacher ( Telugu )


B. Shirisha has over 17 years of experience as a language teacher in contributing to the enrichment of Telugu language

Middle School Science

M Srinivas (PET)

Qualified and experienced International Physical Education teacher.


M.S. BHARGAVI is a qualified B. Com, B.Ed. (Special Education) teacher and also has NTT (diploma in nursery teacher training).She is in charge of the library duties and also supports Grade 1 & 2.

2nd Language (French & Spanish)Teacher


Jyothirmai, IGCSE 2nd Language (French & Spanish)Teacher has an experience of over 8 years in teaching French in IGCSE schools and is also a trained Spanish tutor.

Aparna Madhira

Aparna, , ( M.Sc, B.Ed ) who has over 14 years of Teaching experienceTeaches Math in Middle School. She is also the exam officer for Primary and Middle School.

Middle School, Maths


An Engineer by qualification, Ms. Chandrakala is also a trained IBDP Math Teacher and a Cambridge Trained teacher. She has over 7 years of experience in teaching Mathematics .

Middle School Math teacher


A highly qualified and experienced Math Teacher for Higher Secondary (Cambridge Grade 6-8 Checkpoint Stage 7,8,9 and IGCSE:- Grade 9 & 10 )

Middle School Science


With an M.Sc . in Chemistry with over 12 years of experience as a science facilitator.

(ICT) Middle School


An MCA with deep interest in Robotics, Reshmi R has brought many laurels to her school in Robotics and ICT Competitions.

Primary Hindi Teacher


Masters in Hindi with an experience of 12 Years of teaching Hindi

Middle School Science


With anMSc Biotechnology , Sashikala Kodamarty is Cambridge trained to teach Biology at various levels.

Middle School Science and Global Perspectives

Yerakala Sunil Rao

An MSc in Environmental Chemistry with a B.Ed (Biological sciences) Mr. Sunil Rao has over 8 years of experience in International Schools.

Home room teacher, Grade 2

Vaishnavi Jaligama

A Software Engineer by qualification, Ms. Vaishnavi has over 4 years in the field of education strive to be a positive influence on young minds