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What after 10?

One of the most paramount decision is Stream Selection For Wise Career Choice. With the board exams result out recently, it is now time for the grade 10th students, facing the question bold and clear in the minds of all which stream to select? While very few students ken what they optate to do and which stream they should cull to reach their goal, most of them are still at the crossroads and ruminating upon the thought of which stream to cull, which direction to go. The peregrination till grade 10 is smooth sailing. The goal of every 10th grader is to excel in boards, in all the subjects, and that is the wiser thought for the time. However, most of the students forget to explore their fascinates and aptitude by involving in this race of scores and ranks. This is what makes stream cull arduous for them.

Students start thinking WHATS NEXT after 10th?

Due to the opinion people have that sciences fetch better job opportunities, most of the people opted for Sciences. Now the scenario has thoroughly transmuted. Many stream options are placed in front of the students. While some parents are still with the thought that sciences are the only fetching good jobs, some parents enheartened their wards to cull the stream of their cull. The fact is, today there are many courses and colleges. Then how do we filter and get into one stream, one course? Students do find the process of stream cull dismaying as they never thought of the next challenge they require to take. It is an important step that a student has to face and this time a major one.

There are many different ways to avail the students make an apprised and sapient cull and not like as afore generation. First, as adults, it is our obligation to enheartened students to explore the career options and commence discussing their goals and conceptions about the career and elicit them from the career cognate dilemmas they might have.

Some of the common dilemmas students have are about stream selection are:

Board Selection: Board selection is another criterion that students need to decide. Boards like CBSE, ICSE, IB and state board are some options open for all 10th graders. There is no quantifiable research to facilely decide one over the other. It depends on what course the students want to take. While all the boards have syllabus virtually at the same levels, the only thing is that curriculum which is something a student and parent need to understand. It is very subjective to each student’s requisite, interest and personality.

How to narrow down the choice: Often an outstanding student scores good marks in all the subjects. This does not help the student much in stream selection. The only aptitude and interest are needed which is taken into consideration.

Sciences can fetch better career: It is an old myth originating decenniums ago. It is a good conception to repel yourself from this verbalize and make a more personalized decision as every student has different intrigues and unique facilities. It is consequential to ken about all the streams, its scope and transmuting trends. This widens the perspective and makes the student yare for an impeccable career cull.

Now to give an outline of the stream culls available, all the courses can be divided into the four categories.

Science: Mathematical and biological sciences lead towards engineering and medical/non-medical fields typically.

Commerce: This is one of the popular streams among students who are inclined towards Business and Management. It can withal go towards professional courses like CA, CMA or CS

Humanities: These are non-science subjects like Psychology, Political sciences, Geography, History, and Sociology to denominate a few. Students from the Humanities stream make their vocations towards edifying or they can withal prepare themselves for competitive exams.

Other: Some non- conventional vocations like gaming, acting, movie making, interior design, and journalism fall under this category. With certifications and felicitous training, students can excel in these careers.

Stream Selection For Wise Career Choice is more of an exploration and research. As adults, the best way to embolden students to come to a decision is to provide a plethora of career-cognate resources, discussions, and positive exposure towards the stream. It is very consequential to put all the vocation options in front of students and expound to them about each cull.

This is the time to explore and take the decision of a lifetime, as Gandhi said, “The future depends on what you do today”.

By Mrs. Vandana Dadi

Career Counsellor, DPS Nacharam