Senior Secondary

Having journeyed for 12 years of school this is the place to get the finishing touches. An exclusive fourth floor in the Hi-Tech Campus with all state of the art facilities make learning meaningful and fruitful is the main aim of the senior secondary.

The leadership qualities with a clear ambition to dream and develop the skills to make it a reality is the concept here. The student is fully molded and groomed over the years and becomes ready to face challenges in the world.


Group Compulsory Subjects Optional Subjects (1) to be chosen
MPC English core, Math, Physics, Chemistry Computer Science, psychology, Economics, Physical Education, Fashion Studies, Informatics practices legal studies, NCC, Painting
MBiPC English core, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
BIPC English core, Math, Chemistry, Biology Computer Science, psychology, Economics, Physical Education, Fashion Studies, Informatics practices legal studies, NCC, Painting



Group Compulsory Subjects Optional Subjects (1) to be chosen
CEC English core, Accountancy, Business Studies,


Political Science, Psychology, Physical education, Fashion Studies, Informatics practices legal studies, NCC, Painting
MEC English Core, Mathematics, Accountancy, Business studies, Economics
Compulsory subjects Optional subjects (2) to be chosen
English Core, History, Psychology (Choose any one subject only) ,  Geography or Economics   Optional subject 2: , (Choose any one subject only)  Political Science , Fashion Studies , Legal Studies   Physical Education , Informatics Practices, Entrepreneurship, NCC, Painting


The focus of school is on IDEALS

I – Internationalism

D – Democratic

E – Environment

A – Adventure

L – Leadership

S – Service

The school offers a unique program for the science student of classes XI and XII- ‘Integrated CBSE’. The program encompasses both board syllabus and preparation modules for competitive examination

Specific Features of Senior Secondary:

1. Apprenticeship

2. IFBM (Inter Firm Business Meet)

3. Happy Hours

4. Joy of giving

5. Career Guidance

6. Weelathon

7. Hostel Facility during board exams

8. Field trips/ Educational tours

9. Workshops & Seminars/ Guest Lectures

10. Life Skills

11. General studies

12. External curriculum (capsule courses)

13. Academic Support Programs (ASP)

14. Remedial classes

15. Enrichment plans

16. Academic enrichment courses: IIT, NEET, EEE, CLAT, SAT, SPM

17. Olympiads & other external competitive exams

18. Regular special assemblies

19. Inter school Competitions

20. Intra-Murals / Sports Academies / Coaching

21. Wall Magazine

22. State of the art laboratories

23. Exclusive one on one counselling session

24. Inter- Disciplinary Projects

25. LEO (Live each opportunity)

26. Each one Teach One

27. Community Services

28. Green Initiatives

29. Excellence is Performing & Visual Arts

30. Finishing school Concept


Our school has been organizing apprenticeship program for class XI students to get hands on experience the career choice they want to take up. Students participate in a three day internship program at top firms of the city thus enhancing experiential learning. They are sent to prestigious research institutes in Hyderabad like NGRI, CCMB, IICT, NIN, Medicity, Film City and TIFR etc. to interact with eminent scientists, advocates, CA’s, Architects, and leading members from all professions.

Inter Firm Business Meet  is not just an academic project or a co-scholastic program,
it is a platform for students to learn, imbibe and inculcate how conferences around the globe are carried out, through the medium of first hand learning experience. FBM is the only one of its kind unique hands on learning experience that is offered at DPS to students of classes XI and XII.

Happy Hours

It is not always curriculum in DPS Nacharam. We believe in holistic development even at senior secondary level. The students learn and relieve their stress through
various art forms like dance, music, painting, baking, Sketching, animation, dramatics, self-defense (karate/taekwondo), Yoga etc.  It not only destresses them but also gives them a break from the monotonous schedule.

General Studies
The purpose of orienting students to General Studies is to develop in them an appreciation for the holistic nature of knowledge. Imbibe scientific temper, highlight the importance of and need for conserving and promoting ecological balance, alternatives to preserve and enhance them; develop pride in the rich cultural heritage, The subject inculcates constitutional values and imbibe the spirit of secularism and national unity; be conversant with contemporary socio-economic problems of the country like illiteracy, poverty, social disharmony, sex or caste discrimination

Career and Guidance Cell at DPS:
Students of class XIth and XIIth are frequently guided about the various career choices and options by the career Counselor. Regular updates on the various competitive exams, eligibility, assistance in subject choice in class XI and for class XII the letters of recommendations as well as college admissions are given in a customized manner. Regular workshops and session for students and parents are conducted.

Joy of Giving
A week-long project held in school where students imbibe the idea of sharing story books, notebooks, stationery, food grains, toys, clothes etc. with their under privileged counterparts. Joy of giving week celebrates and encourages the spirit of giving and caring while sharing. It’s a great opportunity to sensitize the students to support and empathize with the sensitive needs of the society we live in.

Life skills and Exclusive one-on-one counselling sessions:

Students are given important lessons of life skills by the psychologists and counsellors. Counsellor meets the students on a weekly basis during the Life Skills periods. The different ways to tackle and overcome the stress factors.

Helpline from the school psychologists are some of the special features offered to students of the senior school. The school believes in honing on physical fitness, psychological and spiritual health, social consciousness, self-discipline and concern for the environment in each DPS student through our own systems and practices at all levels – Pre-Primary to Senior Secondary.

Wheelathon is not a race against people or time but a race for a cause. It has not only created cycling enthusiasts but helped them incorporate it as their mode of commute. DPS Wheelathon is the one and only school cycling event. A great team of students with the support of Delhi Public School, Nacharam gives the students the prowess to execute this herculean event which started in 2015.  The team contributes the massive chunk of profits raised to rural sports development organizations. It is Wheeling for Greening with anti-Drug campaign.

Field Trips / Educational Tours
Educational trips to the best institutions of the city and to the best organizations in the city like CCMB, IICT, Mental Hospital, etc are organized so that they get the exposure to the real world/ setting and widen their knowledge of the subject.

Academic Support Programmes (ASP)/ Student Enrichment:
The school endeavors to lead to the path and not to the point of the educational needs of students. This is done through an exclusive, age appropriate and need based curriculum.  Panel discussions, interviews, Skype calls with faculty and group discussions are part of the regular transactions that a student faces as part of his day to day life at school.

Extended Classes upto 8 p.m

After the completion of syllabus in November for class 12 students, stay back classes are held  upto 8:00 pm to help them prepare better for board exams under the guidance of experienced teachers. Studying with friends and teachers serves dual purpose – first, it creates the healthy competitive environment and second, it dilutes the exam pressure. It enables them to ENJOY the exams as a team.

Remedial Classes
These classes help to execute the idea that no child should fall into an under-performer category. The school acknowledges each child as an individual with different capabilities. Remedial classes allow individual attention and extra support to the children to elevate their performance level. One-on-One personal attention is provided

External Curriculum (capsule courses)
Academic Enrichment Courses: IIT, NEET, EEE, CLAT, SAT, CPM:

School provides additional academic support and a one stop solution to the
students to achieve success in different competitive exams like IIT,
Engineering Entrance Examination (EEE), NEET, CLAT, IPM and SAT

Olympiads & other External Competitive Exams:

Special guidance and coaching with no additional cost is offered to the students to qualify and achieve success in all external competitive exams. Many DPSites have reached National and International ranks.  

External curriculum      

During the time of exam specifically and also throughout the year, capsule courses are conducted for classes XI and XII where subject experts from eminent organizations.

Hostel facility during Board Exams:
Keeping in mind the significance of the CBSE Board Exam appearing students’ needs, who at times have to be left alone due to parents’ commitments to travel out of city school management provides the permit to allow short time stay of a week to a fortnight in school hostel. This facilitates the comfort of attending classes upto 8.00 pm too, save travel time as well as spent time fruitfully.

Workshops & Seminars/ Guest Lectures:

Regular guest lectures by eminent personalities and successful leaders address the students to not only motivate the students but also provide guidance in career options.  

Regular Special Assemblies:

Class as well as house assemblies are an attraction at DPS. 100% participation where the students divide in to choir, anchors, news reporters, creative thinkers/ speakers, talent expressions, etc. Students research a topic and put up as assembly. A great learning platform.

Inter-School Competitions:
Students are given equal chance as well as encouraged to participate in Inter-School Competitions. Teachers train the final shortlisted students. The success rate is the maximum.

Intra-Murals/ Sports Academies/ Coaching:
No schooling is complete without Sports. School believes in healthy mind in a healthy body. All the students are given a choice to choose the sport of their choice to play during PT periods. The sprawling campus with wide range of sports options is the unique feature at DPS. Strong school teams of Cricket, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Badminton, Rifle Shooting and many more have reached National and Inter-National Levels.

Wall Magazine:
Monthly theme is given to express the creative thinking skills by expressing views on the soft board as inter house competitions.

State of the art Laboratories:
Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Psychology, Fashion Studies, Geography, English, Math Labs are all one of its kind with a capacity of 40 in each. The technology is brought into the labs to bring maximum hands on experience.

Inter-Disciplinary Projects:
The integrated projects bring about an out of the box thinking opportunities. Challenges are given for application of knowledge.

GD Pro:
A competition where students of grades 9-12 take part in group discussions. They are graded based on the validity of their content, listening skills, speaking time, leadership and other criteria.  

Toastmasters Gavel’s Club:
The students are encouraged to be members of the Gavel’s Club, one of its kind and the first one in Hyderabad city. The members develop good communication as well as the leadership qualities under the mentor ship of the leaders.

Community and Leadership Services:

LEO (Live Each Opportunity)
Each-One-Teach-One Projects
Visiting NGO’s
Green Initiatives (Haritha Haram)
He for She
Scribes for the visually impaired

Excellence in Performing & Visual Arts:
Showcasing the learned talent in the field of music (both vocal & instrumental) dance in all forms, art expressions, painting, sketching, sculpture, pottery, etc is the greatest contribution that develops an appreciation to our heritage, art and culture.


First aid and CPR training, Baking and non-fire cooking, Dining etiquette’s, Presentation skills,Making a profile, Essay writing, etc