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With a growing economy & growing demand for STEM fields, we realize the importance of the next generation learning how to bring upon a difference in their world. Hence, at DPS we offer a variety of classes and workshops for kids. Robotic camps provide the students with an opportunity to have deep knowledge in the world of robotics and also explore how robotic design and computer programming can solve quandaries big and minuscule.


Not only our robotics programs avail to establish technology, science, engineering concepts, they additionally work to build on students’ team-building skills as they work to consummate fun challenges. These collaborative skills are essential for student prosperity.

To unleash the scientist and the technologist inside a child, DPS, has made remarkable inception by exposing school children to the wonderful world of robotic. With a puerile and dynamic team dedicated to ideate, engender and distribute world-class robotics inculcation programs for school students in the form of Workshops, and Robotics Lab.