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Pro-Vice Chairman of DPS Nacharam

A road to prosperity is possible with the amalgamated efforts of all concerned and that culminates into a unique prosperous outcome to be cherished for years to come. This is the dream of one and all at Delhi Public School Nacharam which is one of the top schools in Hyderabad.

We ascertain the students of DPS Nacharam (DPSites) become conscientious ecumenical citizens who give the prime paramountcy in protecting the environment, ethics and values, sportsmanship, community services, self-discipline, and commitment. The opportunities galore are provided uniformly to be explored, perpetual learning to aspire to be prosperous.

Students need to acknowledge that communication is the gateway to a world of knowledge, and also a key to participate anywhere in the world. To make it a reality, the international standards like the state of the art infrastructure have been provided. The Language labs, online teaching, studio rooms, and endless digitalization have paved the path. Be it ramps to health facilities, sports arenas with new Football and Basketball grounds added, auditorium, rock-climbing, rifle shooting, counseling, and career guidance also adding new subject options the list will go on.

The technology has taken a step forward in all the spheres of edification. A balance of academics, values, sports, leadership qualities, communication skills, ingenuity, and value for time will all lead to engendering prosperous global honchos.

The values of our students imbibe both in school and at home have to bring out the best and also to strengthen their critical sensibilities. The research done by the members of the management in the field of education has proven that ‘Education is a progressive discovery of our ignorance and therefore there is always scope for growth.’

Years of nurturing have brought in laurels at Nacharam campus and other campuses and Mahendra Hills and the journey perpetuates to spread the ultimate message of edification with the integration of our incipient branch Nadergul. The experienced expert staff with profound training during induction, the key factor in ultimately grooming our students to be yare to face the challenges and settle are the key factors for our success. Our ultimate aim is to see our students spreading their wings in the field they choose.

“I believe that education is like an instrument. Whether that instrument, that device, is used properly or constructively or differently depends on the user….” – Dalai Lama

I, Pro-Vice Chairman of DPS Nacharam, congratulate the principal, staff, students and all the parents for a wonderful CBSE results and spreading the message of SERVICE BEFORE SELF at all levels.

M. Komariah
Pro-Vice Chairman
Delhi Public School
Nacharam | Mahendra Hills | Nadergul