An educational edifice stands tall and strong based on the strength of its foundation. Hence a school’s edifice rests on fortitude of its grass root level-‘The Primary School’.

DPS-Primary comprising of classes III, IV & V is a hub of multitude of creative and joyful activities and experiences which are actually learning modules and curriculum in disguise.

Prime focus lies in identifying and trying to discover the innate potentialities of the child so as to have it further.

Student Led Conference has become synonymous with Primary school wherein students joyfully and proudly showcase their learning graph of the year … not to mention their confidence and communication skills, thus owing up their learning in the true sense of the world.

Equal importance is given to development of sports and fitness as we at DPS believe in ‘catching them young’. We already have nurtured many a district, state and national level champions in yoga, skating, swimming, chess…

‘Catching them right’ is the philosophy behind the discipline programme at primary school where ‘positve reinforcement’ modules like the star child, Dine with the Teacher, Traffic Lights are the measurable tools to monitor values and discipline.


Skills are not inborn they are to be developed and we at DPS provide innumerable opportunities for young minds to hone their skills.

SPECIAL ASSEMBLIES: It gives a platform which enhances and develops the communication skills among our children. The Assemblies are all theme based showcasing either values, festivals or academic concepts. This is a great way to also evolve their leadership skills.

Leadership skills are further reinforced by being a member of STUDENT COUNCIL, getting selected as CLASS MONITORS and also by being INCHARGE of a particular group.

SPEAKING CORRIDORS: A visual treat to the eyes. This is a joint student-teacher activity that displays the learning through visual depiction.

GRANNY ON SKYPE: Moral values which is the base of holistic development in the child are taught through stories by grannies on Skype.

DIARY WRITING: The Creative writing skills among students are nurtured and developed through this unique concept of Diary Writing where students pen down their experiences.

KIDS SPECTRUM: A feather in our cap where a special show displayed the communication skills of our students. Class I dealt with “Science from Dawn to Dusk” in our daily lives and Class II delved into the world of “Colours and their Harmonic Rhythms”. It was a 100% participation programme.

INTERACTIVE CORNER: It gives a break to the students from the regular learning to energize their spirits. This corner has a lot of games like jig-saw puzzles, scrabbles, chess etc. which boosts up the mental aptitude and out of the box thinking among the students.

Buddy Programme

A buddy programme was initiated for the new students who joined the school in June. Every new student was given a buddy (old student) to familiarize him or her about the class and school. Helpdesk for the new students by student council were set up on all the floor to support programme.

Beat the Plastic

‘Give up Plastic’ A noble initiative taken up by Delhi Public School, Nacharam. Students of class 5 and 6 have taken up this ongoing project where a group of 4-5 sections will make sincere effort to give up one plastic items. Likewise 4 commonly used plastic items like plastic spoons, plastic mugs, plastic tiffin boxes, plastic carry bags, and plastic pencil boxes are replaced by steel spoons, steel tiffin boxes, cloth or jute carry bags and pouches etc. Special Assemblies are conducted to develop awareness among all the children. Slogans and Placards were used to create interest and develop repetitive expressions on the project.

Zero Food Wastage – Lunch Break Project

An innovative project was initiated for all students of V & VI to spread awareness about not wasting food. Food Ambassadors were appointed in every section to check that all the students have completed their lunch and there has been no food wastage in the lunch break.

Work Has No Gender

As part of Social Week celebrations Class V & VI had special assemblies. Theme of Class V assembly was “Work has No Gender”. Theme of  Class VI assembly was “NO to Child Labour”.

Good Wishes Wall

Good wishes was inaugurated with students posting prayer messages for the Kerala flood victims. In the future the Wall would be used for affirmation messages for their friends, family, society and nation

Rang Manch –Open Theatre

Rang Manch – An Open Theatre by the students of Dramatics club was inaugurated to provide an informal platform for the budding theatre loving students. The organising committee of students prepare their own scripts and plays and present them totally by themselves in the lunch break as a theatre show(on the lines of nukkad natak. The theatre was inaugurated with an awareness skit on breaking the gender bias titled “Work has No Gender”. The show ran to packed audiences with students flocking to see this novel initiative after quickly completing their lunch.

Welcome Monitors

Another new initiative wherein students those who reached early to school take up the onus of welcoming their classmates to school using a smile, along with an interesting hand gesture like a high five or a Namaste or a handshake. Their other responsibilities also include monitoring students arrival and discipline in the class room till all the children settle for the morning bell.

Poem In My Pocket Day

A unique programme was conducted to instil the love of poetry in students. As part of this every student have to carry their favourite poem in their pockets and share it with all their friends and teachers. Children thoroughly enjoyed listening to a variety of poems on a single day. Many of the poems were written by the students themselves which pleased one and all.

The New Student – Our Class Plant

A new member in the classroom is always welcome.  All the students get curious to know more about the member.  But what if the new member is a green healthy plant?

Studies prove that a potted plant that is grown indoors in places like offices, residences is shown to have positive psychological effect. This provoked the thought of adopting a plant by each class at 3,4, and 5 level of Delhi Public School , Nacharam. Thus the new member  was brought into each classroom. Curiosity piqued the students to learn more about it. They welcomed it with open arms.  Under the guidance of their class teacher, the students carefully placed it in a safe place.  Cards and posters were made to cheer their new member. The students  gave names like Amigo, Blossom, Prakruthi  and allotted  a roll number and ID card to it in each class. Just as the students are taken out for outdoor activities, the plants are also taken out for their dose of sunshine and fresh air.  Each student has decided   to take turns to take care of it.  It was found that when a child was lonely he went to his new friend and shared his feelings.  The sight of this distinct member in the classroom has definitely had an impact on the young minds.   The sight of this elegant member has the power to bring an instant smile to everyone’s face.  It would not only lift one’s spirit, but also fill the mind with love and respect for nature.

– Likhita Makam –IV-M

Happiness Curriculum

DPS Nacharam, launched a very unique and innovative initiative called the ‘Happiness Curriculum’ for classes III, IV, V. The objective behind this is to create ‘Happy Classrooms with Happy Children’ in turn a ‘Happy School’. The Curriculum has been designed with units catering to the various components and qualities which enables one to be happy with self and others around them.

As part of this Curriculum besides the lesson plans, every class and section has two Happiness Monitors whose core responsibility is to spread happiness and report any cases of unhappiness of the class to their class teacher.

It was a proud moment when all these Happiness Monitors were inducted into this programme. Principal Mrs. Sunitha Rao, honoured these very special category monitors with badges asked these children to be the Happiness Ambassadors and not to limit themselves to only their class but take it with them wherever they go, to their family and friends too.

As part of this creative programme, Happiness Club was also launched. The programme, obviously ended on a very ‘HAPPY’ note.

– Gayatri  Raman

NIE Coordinator

Human Library

This, One of its kind and first ever ‘Human Library’ event in DPS Nacharam was held for the students of class V as part of their Library Week. The objective behind it was to bring back the human touch and human interactions to the forefront as a powerful medium of gaining knowledge as against gaining knowledge in isolation through online and social media.

Eminent people from various fields were invited to the school.  Despite their busy schedule the dignitaries were willing to spend time with the young and curious learners. They were extended a warm welcome into the sprawling campus .  After the formal introduction of the invitees to the Director Dr. T. Sudha, Principal  Mrs. Sunitha Rao and HM Mrs. I. Sudha.  They were escorted by the student council members  to their respective venues to interact with the curious minds. The resource persons included scientists, educationists, IT expert, fashion designer , a women commercial pilot and a Major  from the defence forces.  The visit by the Prinicpal Mrs. Sunitha Rao and the Academic Director Dr. T. Sudha to one of the classes as part of Human Library was the icing on the cake. The resource persons introduced themselves and spoke about their work, their hobbies and motivated the students to become great citizen of their country. After the interactive session, the students thanked them for spending their valuable time with them. At the end of this innovative session students were totally inspired and understood the fact that human beings themselves are a rich repository of knowledge which they can any time access towards enriching their minds.

Report On Thanksgiving Assembly conducted on 23rd November 2017

On account of ‘The Thanksgiving Day’ that is celebrated on 4th Thursday of November every year,  Delhi Public School  came up with unique and wonderful ideas to celebrate it. A special Assembly for the bus drivers, bus attenders and housekeeping staff was conducted by the students of classes 3, 4 and 5 to honour and express their gratitude to them for transporting them from home to school and back safely every single day. The students expressed their deepest gratitude for their very valuable important part they part they play in the part of their learning. Students also made Thank You cards and handed them over to their bus drivers and attenders on their way back home that day.

In her speech Principal Mrs. Sunitha Rao highlighted the major role played by this department to growth of an institution.


The students of classes 6, 7, and 8 expressed their gratitude in a different way to another very vital department relating to safety of school students. A group of young students along with the Principal Mrs. Sunitha Rao visited the Nacharam Police Station to personally thank the Traffic Police for their unrelentless service provided to the Society. The students also gave away the Thank You cards made by their class to the traffic personal. On this occasion the Principal Mrs. Sunitha Rao highly applauded and thanked them for the service being rendered towards a orderly society. The students pledged their support in following all the traffic rules and work towards becoming a good law abiding citizen.


All the activities would ensure a sense of gratitude and develop an attitude to thank the unsung heroes.

Bridge Course

It is a unique concept developed by the school which helps in the smooth transition of one level to another. The learning outcomes of one level are judged as against the Minimum Levels of Learning (MLL) of the next higher level. A Bridge course is designed

Salient Features


EXHIBITION ON ART & CRAFT:Napkins in Block Printing and various other Art works made by the students of I & II were put up as an exhibition.


A lot of emphasis is put in augmenting the right VALUES from this young age.

Saucha and Indriya nigraha- Cleanliness in action, word and thought. Children are taught to keep themselves, their rooms, their books and everything about them clean; also done as part of the project of SWACHCH BHARATH.

Punctuality and Discipline; Politeness and showing respect to all are also inculcated in the children.

Our students have done extremely well at all Interschool competitions- viz. Udbhav, Naipunya etc.

Week Celebrations are organized to inculcate interest and to promote critical thinking amongst students for Academic and Co-curricular subjects. Special activities conducted during the week celebrations create a love for learning as well as enhances the CONFIDENCE level of the children.

Children are taught Table Manners and Etiquettes during the TABLE MANNERS WEEK
The School conducts a plethora of competitions to bring out the hidden potential of every child. For ex: Mini chef, Dance, Music, Theme based Fancy dress, Carol Singing, Elocution/Recitation, Quiz, News reading, etc.

All National Festivals are celebrated.

As a part of our project “Saturday’s Soul mate” teachers from Classes I & II visit orphanages to handover blankets, stationery material and some eatables which are collected from the students and teachers as part of “JOY OF GIVING WEEK”.

Club activities are the right platform to hone the skills of the students. The talent of the students are brought to the limelight. They are provided with the opportunity to pursue their hobbies in various arenas like Block Printing, Dance, Music, Best out of waste, Junior Einstein, Sports….

As a part of the Mega Haritha Haram programme, International Father’s Day was celebrated in a unique manner by both father and child planting saplings together.

At present we have taken up a massive tree plantation project called “GREENATHALON”

Awareness and sensitization programmes have been thoughtfully planned and executed to develop the feelings of empathy towards people.

Students of Primary School and the members of DPS Chargers – The Social Club have taken up multifarious activities to drive home a valuable point that ‘a small help’ goes a long way in spreading joy and happiness. As part of ‘Joy of Giving’ children contributed in the form of Rice, Dal & Sugar.

To spread the secular message as well as service to mankind is services to God Philosophy-students have adopted a heritage Dargah at Moula Ali and visit it to clean its surroundings. All this helps to mould a ‘sensitized’ global citizen of the future.

DPS has welcomed ‘Internationalism’ into its fold in a big way, its ripple effects reaching all levels from K1 to K12. The school has been working on many a project of international dimensions like GCI, connecting classrooms. The International School Award, by the British Council has seen the primary school really living through the international experience.

Coastal Marvels across the continents British Council Project  saw collaborative learning becoming a reality in the primary school classrooms. Skype calls, e-mail exchanges, international guest speakers were the medium of exchanging this internationalism cutting across geographical boundaries and making the global village seem a reality.

English language Skills enhancement has been the topmost priority at the primary level through a structured language development curriculum. Every week two periods are allotted for communication skills in the Primary level. The 4 key areas of LSRW are intrinsically woven into the scholastic and co-scholastic curricula.

Student Led Conference, Editorial Board members, Spell Bee, News Reading Competition, Elocution, Extempore, Creative Writing, Phonetic drilling in Wordsworth English Language Lab are a few processes through which English language skills are honed at the primary school.

Soft skill development is a must in today’s competitive world to leave an indelible mark on people and to the world at large. Training in this ‘Core Skill’ starts young in a small way in the form of hands-on table manners, and personal etiquettes training in the real milieu, personality grooming and interpersonal skills development classes embedded in the time table. Social graces, habit formation are inculcated through special assemblies, videos and guest lectures.

A day long apprenticeship cum experiential programme to destinations as per their hobby clubs was a unique experience in the primary level.

As they say, leaders are not born, they have to be cultivated.

This is reality at DPS-Primary School wherein leadership acumen is spotted and tapped by their mentors and are given opportunities to hone their leadership traits. The ever vibrant and effective  Junior Student Council-an elected body plays a crucial part in manning the discipline of students during the break times and dispersal.


Cubs and Bulbuls-the Junior Wing of Bharat Scouts and Guides is another venture through which leadership is nurtured and nourished at Primary School. Plethora of opportunities for decision-making, critical thinking is provided through events and assemblies.

A unique event named as human libraries was held as part of library week for Grade 5 students. Eminent personalities from various fields addressed the students simultaneously in all the sections. This event was held with the purpose of giving students a new perspective on learning not only from books and internet but from their elders and highly knowledgeable persons. Leading by example the students were fortunate to learn from their dearest Principal Ma’am Mrs. Sunitha Rao and Academic Director Dr. T. Sudha as part of their Human Library programme.

Values are like the roots in a person’s life defining his/her character and personality. Education without values is no education at all.


Value based curriculum customized to the primary level is one of our greatest strengths. Values are percolated to all levels through each and every intervention, be it learning the shlokas inculcating personality grooming and cleanliness of mind body and soul in a child, value education classes, assemblies, value tree in the classroom to exposure to the less fortunate like visits to orphanages and old age homes has always been our endeavour.

Care and Share week, Joy of Giving Week have also played a major role in inculcating these ethics in our students. Not to forget the value based extension to the questions that feature in the assessment sheets which help in extracting the value edge from education.

On 25th January, when the nation was gearing up to celebrate its 68th Republic Day, a group of the student council members of classes III-V from DPS Nacharam visited the Airforce Station Begumpet, Balanagar to pay tribute to the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces. The special assembly that was presented before the Air Force personnel had speeches, recitations, patriotic songs and an informative interactive session, where the students were enlightened by the officers on several queries. It was a spirited performance filled with nationalistic fervour. The programme left many in the audience misty-eyed. At the culmination of the programme, the students were addressed by Group Captain Kunal Kala, Commanding Officer, Navigation Training School. This was followed by an exchange of mementos. The students of DPS Nacharam gifted a massive national flag coloured by the thumb prints of 1700 students of grades III-V. It was received with heartfelt appreciation and joy. The students returned to school feeling enriched and inspired with this unique learning experience.


On account of ‘The Thanksgiving Day’ that is celebrated on 4th Thursday of November every year,  Delhi Public School  came up with unique and wonderful ideas to celebrate it. A special Assembly for the bus drivers, bus attenders and housekeeping staff was conducted by the students of classes 3, 4 and 5 to honour and express their gratitude to them for transporting them from home to school and back safely every single day. The students expressed their deepest gratitude for their very valuable important part they part they play in the part of their learning. Students also made Thank You cards and handed them over to their bus drivers and attenders on their way back home that day.

In her speech Principal Mrs. Sunitha Rao highlighted the major role played by this department to growth of an institution.