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    • Inspire and guide children to love learning, to love one another, and to love the world around them.
    • Highly effective teachers, focussed on improving student outcomes, through their commitment to ongoing professional development, quality teaching, coaching and mentoring and collaboration.
    • Enriching, engaging resources.
    • Include a diverse mix of parents, staff, and alumni connected through our – campus school and its activities.


  • Empower students to acquire, demonstrate articulate and value knowledge and skills that will support them, as lifelong learners, to participate and contribute to the world around them and practise the core values of the school : love, tolerance, excellence and Service before self.
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  • We, the pre-primary department, DPS Nacharam, are committed to provide effective, meaningful, value based and all-encompassing education to the nascent generation for grooming a truly literate and well-disciplined personality. The department is dedicated to bring continual improvement in teaching- learning methodologies and in all educational processes, so that our students stand tall globally and take pride to be an Indian.


    • Highly educated and experienced faculty.
    • World class campus with all facilities.
    • Focus on sports and extracurricular activities.
    • Global outlook & life skills.
    • Holistic learning Environment.
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  • The children are the curriculum, It is designed to meet 3 needs, Interest, Development & Adaptability. It is supported by online digitalslate Curriculum. reminds us to uncover important ideas, explore critical Questioning, focus on learning, using conventional & unconventional methods of teaching. We Believe in the philosophy of Jean Piaget that play meets the physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social needs. We at DPS help a child to explore comfortably providing a secure attachment with caregiver. It aims to Create leaders with values.
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  • Children need to experience things more than they need endless teaching. Going with the views of David Kolb’s experiential learning theory and Cambridge reflective teacher, Reflective practices have been introduced in the teaching learning process of pre primary. It is a process where children observe new situations. Think about the situations, make meaning of the situations & test that meaning in the world around them. In order to feel good about self, a child must be successful in his/her own eyes. Our aim is to activate child’s own desire to learn through the ongoing process of reflective practices.

Co - Curriculars

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  • “Estaciones with Ramayana” was one of the biggest highlights of Pre Primary theatre club. Expressions, storyline, dialogues, characters, discipline, teamwork are the main focused areas allowing memory skill development. We continue to create artists and help nurturing leadership qualities.


  • Healthy table manners for children is an important skill that should be developed when they are young. We aim not only for healthy table etiquettes but also eating right. We educate and motivate children in multiple ways to eat healthy as we truly believe that a healthy nation lies in healthy minds of tomorrow. Culinary classes at home and in school are initiated.
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  • Depending on the story concept, different styles of puppets are designed by the teachers. Hand, stick, shadow, thread and talking puppets are the variations to amuse a child’s imagination.
  • Creations with clay is fun and fulfilling activity to do with the children. However, apart from being fun, working with clay also provides surprising benefits towards child’s development. Pound, pinch, flatten, tear, poke, squeeze, coil, roll and bend are the exercises that strengthens the fine motor skills. Playing with clay stimulates a child’s imagination. This type of learning promotes problem-solving skills.


  • Pre – Primary education creates a foundation for literacy.Every classroom has a mini library corner that motivates group reading activities. It promotes enquiry based environment. The mini library includes pictorial, touch and feel for sensorial appreciation and technology based books. We wish to imbibe an inherent habit of reading and treating books as their best friends forever.
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  • Sports do not build character they reveal it. We aim to maintain sports as a professional curriculum at pre primary from morning sunbathing to pre primary cricket league, all the activities are done with great importance. A well structured sports curriculum is implemented catering to individuals need. Cricket, Football, Athletics, Chess, Carrom are the popular clubs at the Paradise.