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On this 74years of completion of Indian Independence, as we enter into the 75th year, India ultimately has broken the shackles of British colonial education and brought in a revolutionary pattern of education system. Thanks to the times of world over pandemic, suddenly everyone reeled into the virtual class rooms; which was a possession of only Premier Private and public schools that could boast of online resources in teaching learning.

The constitution itself provided education with flexibility to modify according to the need of the society. Pandemic lockdown zoomed up Technology. Industry, electronic service providers, learning resource providers expressed and offered free service for their business development for a certain period of time. International consultants also reached to the needed revolution. Within no time the National education policy 2020 saw its lime light and Ministry of Human resources renamed itself as Ministry of education. Education has seen priority which earlier wasn’t noticed even after Independence.

As an academic, I was extremely happy that learning took a 360 degree turn and challenged the teacher, schools and colleges. The complacent Education faculties realised that if they do not adapt, they may become extinct.

Not only different platforms other than google class rooms were explored but also collaboration amongst different schools of thought started. Learning has become continuous not only for educators but also for parents. Child and youth right from the comfort of their home enjoyed the virtual company of their teacher and peers.  Online Teaching and Learning is flexible and paced. Schools did research and consulted other countries regarding the online screen time and physical mental exercises and began to think of dispensing the custodian of knowledge title of a teacher to facilitator of making student learn for learning. Vision of Delor’s four pillars may see its execution in this online teaching. Cost effective Better balance of work and studies eased life.

Responsibilities are shared between the educator and receiver.  Parents who depended totally on school to nurture all these days have themselves become the evaluators of their ward’s progress. Student being the centre in this online teaching was given the freedom to self-assess and pace his or her strengths.

Online teaching learning is a convenient option with virtually endless opportunities to not only explore the world, but also get the best teacher of a subject under whom they wish to study. Learning of choice has opened new vistas and widened the global perspectives.

On line teaching will continue to stay in all countries. The choice is with the mankind to adapt to the new norm or do home tutoring. Competing with each other for marks will disappear but assessments will stay for developmental understanding. Government, NGOS, Private bodies have to collaboratively work to beat the underpinned negatives and accept the change gracefully. Autonomy and emulation of other successful models of learning can see the future in INDEPENDENT INDIA. A NEW ERA BEGINS.

Dr. T. Sudha, Director Academics, DPS and Pallavi Educational Institutions

 15th Aug 2020