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DPS Green Crusaders aims to inspire, motivate and equip people on a greening journey for sustainable development, environmental protection, and social prosperity.


Our mission is to make a positive difference to the future of the earth and its inhabitants by encouraging people to make sustainable food and lifestyle choices.


Pledge for the Green club

I hereby pledge to plant, protect and nurture the saplings until they become trees. It shall be my earnest endeavor to motivate others to make this earth a greener and a healthier place to live in, to conserve the ecological system from degradation and to restore the circle of life.

DPS Green Crusaders


    • To recognize the immense benefits of a green Earth towards the sustenance of life on our planet, and to support the mission of a green Telangana.
    • To encourage the students to stop the wastage of papers and recycle the waste paper by setting up a handmade paper unit by the students and also opening up a sales counter.
    • To become an example and create an awareness that a kitchen garden with common vegetables and herbs can help to save a penny for the pocket.
    • To accept the onus of responsibility of the damage/destruction done to the nearby forest reserves and workout possible ways to conserve it
    • To implement the ideas learned from the guest lecture by experts and make a case study.
    • To preserve energy by making a comparative analysis of the meter reading across 6 months.
    • To help restore the habitat of birds and provoke them to nestle in the trees in the school campus and surroundings.

Programs done

  • It is often said that behind each success story there is a humble endeavor. The ambition five years ago has become the reality when the mass cycle rally ‘Wheelathon-cycling for greening’ sparked off and became the talk of the town. The wheel that has revolutionized states its objective – where there is a wheel there is a way. The way to a cleaner and greener world.
  • This mass movement organized on 13 August 2016 was led by Mr. M Komaraiah, the Chairman of Delhi Public Schools of Nacharam, Mahendra Hills and Nadergul. The contingent of 1500 enthusiastic students of DPS s and the neighboring government schools, members of the management, Academic Director, Principal, teachers, parents, eminent personalities and MNCs like Tata Group of Companies, Dianatech, etc. cycled for 10 Kilometers and became the flag bearers of the noble cause of greening.
  • The success of the event turned the aspiration into reality. An event of its kind would never be conducted for popularity but only for a cause. An event that would signify the value of sports in a student’s life and would help the underprivileged children foster their interest in sports and would promote fuel-efficient and cleaner transport.
  • The overwhelming response made it possible to collect a total fund of 1.2 Lakhs this year. It would be directed towards obtaining sports equipment for the schools which are deprived of sports facilities, through the NGO Shalivahana.
  • The message of eco-friendly environment and the sense of belongingness has set its trend like quick-fire as visionaries of a green future.

Dear parents of DPS, all those who are in the vicinity of NACHARAM can call the below numbers to give and serve the leftover food after any parties’/banquet halls, hotels, etc. Please come forward to serve the needy.

For Food Donation NGO’S contacts in Nacharam

    • Chinnari Rajula Illu
      Old Alwal-Alwal (Also Caters in Nacharam)
      Ph: +914033085753
    • CADRE Voluntary Organisations
      Ecil (Also Caters in Nacharam)
      Ph: +914033086755
    • Serve Needy Voluntary Organization
      Karkhana (Also Caters in Nacharam)
      Ph: +914033066160
    • Dorio Organisation
      Vanasthalipuram (Also Caters in Nacharam)
      Ph: +919959555900
      Chintal (Also Caters in Nacharam)
      Ph: +918008866866
    • Aashri society
      Madinaguda (Also Caters in Nacharam)
      Ph: +914040218359
      Ph: +919293414444

The 68th UN General Assembly has declared as the International Year of Pulses (IYP) 2016. The food and agriculture organization of the United Nations (FAO) has been nominated to facilitate the implementation of the year in collaboration with Governments across the World. It aims to help the public awareness of the nutritional benefits of pulses as part of sustainable food production largely aimed towards food security and nutrition. In this regard, students of class V celebrated the International year of pulses as part of the Social week at DPS Primary school as part of DPS Green Crusaders. The Students took a “Pulse Pledge” for better health which was followed by awareness slogans and a foot-tapping song on the benefits of eating pulses. The students also highlighted the nutritional value of pulses and their importance.

  • Class 7 students spoke with housekeeping employees of classrooms regarding prevention from Dengue fever, washing hands before eating and after using washrooms, closing the utensils from germs and dirt, maintaining neatness in and around the house. Students also took a selfie with them.
  • Students spread the message of washing hands by practicing first.
  • DPS Green Crusaders Students followed the traits of Swachhagrahi. They maintained a self-cleanliness checklist, later they took the message of cleanliness to their peer group, then to the whole classmates and finally to their classes. They are maintaining the checklist of neatness for their class.
  • The students diffused the message of neatness to the whole school by Radio Jockey program regarding Swachhagraha by class 7 students.
  • The students became detectives spotting out unhygienic places near their houses, capturing pictures of people trying to litter the place.
  • The students made useful things with paper, cloth and plastic bottles.

We all ken how great it feels to receive gifts. However, the jubilance of getting is ephemeral. Our lives are richer when we apportion, and that great inner ecstasy emanates from availing others to better their lives. Authentically giving from the heart fills your life with bliss and victuals your soul. As Mahatma Gandhi verbalized, “To find yourself, lose yourself in the service of others.” Giving takes you out of yourself and sanctions you to expand beyond earthly constraints. True jubilance lies in the act of giving without a prospect of receiving something in reciprocation.

In keeping this tradition and proving itself true to its motto “Service before Self” and of giving and sharing DPS Nacharam has come up with unique ideas for community service. We have adopted government schools and children have been doing great work as part of the DPS Green Crusaders, wherein they have donated books and stationery.

On 31 December 2016 a mass charity Programme was organized and all the children from classes 3 to 12 participated. Children donated generously and made this a memorable day not only for DPS but also for the organizations who received these items. The students of class XI conducted a special assembly and a skit depicting the generosity by mankind.

Classes 9 and 10 donated about 5000 pens 100 pencils and other stationery items, students of class XI donated coloring books, colored pencils and the students of class XII donated the notebooks. They also gave up to 100 kgs of rice and 5 kgs of dal and sugar.

All of the above items would be donated to various organizations like the “Akshaya Patra” and the Teja’s society which runs a school for blind and orphanages.

Various games were also organized for the visiting students.

Not only the students, teachers and the parents have been a part of this charity drive but also our Chairman Sir Mr. Komariah has been magnanimous and sanctions an amount for the building of restrooms for girls in a Government school which did not have the facility.

It’s the bliss and love that we elongate to others that brings true ecstasy or coalescence with God. When we give, we reap the bliss of visually perceiving an effulgent smile, cachinnation, tears of ecstasy and gratitude for life. We ken that if people give just a little more—of their time, skills, erudition, sapience, commiseration, wealth and love—the world would be a more tranquil and more salubrious place.

Roles and Responsibilities

    • To motivate peer DPS Green Crusaders to plant trees, adopt and nurture them till they become trees.
    • To grow their organic kitchen garden in their house, school mess, and sell the products during PTMs for utilizing the money for further improvement of tools and manures.
    • To encourage the participation of peer members in ensuring extra food and biodegradable waste to be put into separate dustbins.
    • To help in advocating the use of Compost pit for disposing of biowaste.
    • Implementing nature- walk programs in school and observe the flora and fauna of the vast school campus and label the plants, identify birds and list the same with the reference of books.
    • To initiate the promotion of a Birthday garden, butterfly garden, a student-led energy audit of the school and take actions based on the analysis.
    • To create awareness about the depleting fossil fuels by motivating peer groups participation in pooled car system.
    • To be a role model for peer students by shouldering all the responsibilities of nurturing the greenery, removing waste, making pits, watering and giving awareness regarding.
    • Stand as a role model by not using plastic complying with the oath and self -learning of procedures that conserve flora and fauna.