DPS Chargers


  • To inculcate a spirit of giving and sharing and to make the children aware about the less fortunate in the society, students of Classes I & II embarked on a special project called “Saturday’s Soulmate”.
  • On the third Saturdays of every month, a group of students would visit an orphanage with stationery items, biscuit packets, toys etc.
  • This was a hands on learning experience for students of Class I & II.



As a part of the mass community service programme undertaken by the around 41 Primary students of the Cubs and Bulbuls (Jr wing of Scouts and Guides) classes 3, 4 and 5 had an opportunity to visit MoulaliDargah in Secunderabad for community service. All of them very enthusiastically cleaned the stairs of the Dargah. They dusted, swept and mopped the Prayer hall. The students spruced up the entire premises in a systematic way. All the students experienced a unique feeling doing this service oriented activity. They all showcased excellent responsibility and team work during the activity. This programme would be an ongoing event to instill in the young members of Scouts & Guides a sense of secularism and conserving our heritage building.
Primary School Teacher

Student Art

OUTREACH – Donation, “Get Set Read”


Outreach club- Books donation

Class 6 students from the Outreach Club went to Centre Uppal Primary School, Meerpet. This visit was organised to donate books to the library of that school. The students of all the classes generously donated 793 books. Even the school library contributed to this cause.

The students, full of enthusiasm, were accompanied by two teachers for this visit. The Head Master and the students of Centre Uppal Primary were very welcoming. There was an interaction between the students of the two schools. The books were handed over.

The students found it to be an enriching experience. They realised the importance of social responsibility. They are now desirous of taking up more such causes.

As a continued initiative from the Outreach Club, students of classes 6, 7 and 8 visited the school to work on improving the communication skills of the students. Students carried worksheets prepared by English teachers and taught the students basic skills in Grammar and common errors in spoken English. This initiative is all the more noteworthy as the school does not have a regular English teacher to teach the students.

As part of CSIR, the students of the outreach club donated lab equipment, Geography and aids for History and chemicals for usage of the students. The students also prepared worksheets based on the syllabus given by the school teachers and conducted English classes for them.

This year,2017, the students again visited the Wesley Government School and donated more than 200 books for their library.Stationery including pencils, erasers, pens, scales and notebooks were donated to the school children.

Diwali was indeed a festival of lights for the students of the two government schools. Each student was given a lamp and made to light to enhance the significance of the festival. Every child and the teachers were given sweets to celebrate the joy of the festival.

On the occasion of Thanksgiving Day , the student council of the middle school honoured the Traffic Police by gifting them huge cards, flowers and boxes of sweets. The Principal of the school ,Ms.Sunitha Rao led the school in honouring the Traffic Police for their selfless service to the society.

The yeomen service of our beloved Chairman Shri .M.Komairaih towards service to the under-trodden is also humungous. Six toilets and a wash area was constructed for the government school boys as they did not have a toilet for years.The Academic Director Dr. Mrs.T.Sudha and the Principal of the school ,Ms.Sunitha Rao inaugurated the toilets for the students in the presence of the MEO.

Outreach club visit to Government school:

As part of “Get, Set, Read” an activity, to promote reading skills in children, the students of Outreach club visited the Zilla Parishad School to promote the habit of reading among the students of the school. They were guided on how to motivate the students on reading habits.



Born to lead, influence and moreover touching lives around the world LEO believes in creating a better tomorrow a better future and a better world. Founded on 19th August 2015 Leo is a social cause company. Targeted towards achieving excellence walking the path of integrity, servility towards the nation and a drive to serve people we work here for a common cause. A cause which not only changes lives but makes it worthwhile. Be a part of this chain, lightning up homes and reminding them of the good that lies within each of us. We believe that the joy of giving is the greatest joy. Come share our happiness and spread the warmth of our initiative around every corner. 

Business Proposal: Organic farming

This is an Eco friendly initiative by Leo to conserve natural resources and traditional farming methods to encase the ever growing demand for organic produce.

Production and processing of the produce is done by the company with utmost care and hygiene. We strive to meet the growing demands of the people who show concern about what they eat and feed.


  • Usage of biological pest control and green manure.
  • Compost pits are an integral part, we would take school’s pupil support to achieve this.
  • Crop rotation depending on the season and the market trends.
  • Increase awareness of organic food in the community and encourage the usage of the same.
  • Boost sales for the company with attractive packaging and marketing strategies.

“Reduce, Reuse and Recycle “is the mantra for Sustainable development. Our school DPS Nacharam has welcomed the New Year 2017 with the activity “Joy of Giving” which sensitized the students about their responsibility and commitment towards society.

To take this step further ahead, DPS Nacharam, in collaboration with ITC, is initiating the project “WOW” (Wealth out of Waste). The main objective of the project is to “Save Trees and Save Environment”.

Scouts and Guides

The Scouts and Guides of DPS Nacharam was started in 2013-14 with a small number of 36 students. The number has grown to 183 over the last three years. They have been involved very actively in all the major school programmes of the school, bringing laurels to themselves and the institution. Service to the nation and service before self is their motto. The students have undertaken various community service programmes over the last few years like clearing the Moula Ali Dargh (Historical site), a heritage building, outreach club programmes during Joy of Giving week and working for the cleanliness of the school campus itself. The students have already qualified for camp 1 exam (Pravesh) and are in the process of taking Level 2 exam (Pratham Sopan). Four teachers of the camp are qualified Scout Captains. Two teachers Mr.Murali and Mr.Srikanth have also undergone a course in First Aid.



The NCC unit of DPS Nacharam was initiated in the year 2008-09. The command, poise and the commitment of the students over the years speaks about the dedication and involvement of the school for the promotion of NCC. Two students of class IX of the school were selected and participated in the Ajmar Training camp for girls. Anandita Mukherjee and Sherun received the Best Cadet Awards. Another student from senior school has been selected for the Training camp at Tirupati. Students of the NCC have won several awards in the Inter NCC camps and have stood 3rd in the overall category out of 20 schools. Students have also taken part in Mass Awarness Programme on Child Labour and Drug abuse through rallies and special assemblies.

CSR continues to take great importance at DPS Nacharam. The community drive with Joy of Giving would be conducted in a big way on Wednesday, 10th January 2018 in the school campus. The school plans to conduct sports for the under privileged orphans and government schools students and extend a warm helping hand by donating not just essential grains, lentils, sugar, stationery, tiffin boxes, blankets and other useful items. Every student has contributed with a generous, helping hand. The school also will be donating to the Akshaya Patra foundation to genuinely help the needy.

Service to man is indeed to service to god. The school stays true to the motto “Service Before Self.”