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Junior Primary


Welcome to Junior Primary Programme at DPS Nacharam. “If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. If an egg is broken by an inside force, then life begins. Great things happen from the inside.”

In the Junior Primary classes, the transformation and molding of minds are an integral process that affects the child from “within”. This molding of the human mind is taken care of by the Eight Fold Multiple Intelligence that forms the crux of our education. Collaborative learning along with inquiry-based methodology is used in the classrooms. Our watchwords are “Creativity and Innovation”, and we also believe that it is Howard Gardener’s “Synthesizing Mind” that is the need of the hour.

Communication Skills are not inborn. The skills are to be developed at Junior Primary and we at DPS – Nacharam provide innumerable opportunities for puerile minds to hone their skills. Various activities and competitions are orchestrated to amend their communications skills.

  • Show and tell/Object talk – In Show and tell/Object talk activity the students are asked to speak a few sentences about the objects they find around them.
  • Just A Minute (JAM) – The topic is given to the students on the spot without any prior intimation and children are emboldened to come up with their views.
  • Skit-during special assemblies are performed which enhances their communication and performing skills.
  • Storytelling – In Storytelling activity, the children weave a story from other sources or of their own and narrate it in their own words.
  • Assembly Proceedings – Every child gets an opportunity to participate in the assembly proceedings. Also, during special assemblies, they are trained for the group and individual activities which enhances them inter and intrapersonal skills.
  • Collaborative Learning – The children are encouraged to work in collaboration with each other in group activities to help them develop their soft skills
  • Table manners – The children are taught basic etiquettes and table manners.
  • Mime – This also helps the children to improve or work upon their emotive skills.
  • Student Council – Being a member of the Student Council helps to develop the leadership qualities from an early age. Responsibilities to check the discipline during the assemblies and dispersal duties are given to the students.
  • Class Monitors – To inspire the children to become effective leaders, class monitors are selected to monitor the overall discipline of the class (uniform, nails checking, etc..).
  • In-Charge of a group – To develop team spirit many activities are conducted in the classroom forming various groups and a leader is appointed to help the activity to sail across smoothly in a disciplined manner.
  • Saucha and Indriya nigraha – Cleanliness in action, word, and thought. Children are taught to keep themselves, their rooms, their classrooms, their books and everything about them clean; also done as part of the project of Swachch Bharath.
  • Punctuality and Discipline – The importance of being regular and on time to school along with the completion of assignments is inculcated in the students.
  • Golden Words – Students are continuously taught the importance of being kind, polite and speaking to their elders with respect along with using the 5 golden words (Sorry, Please, thank you, May I, Excuse me)

This activity was conceptualized to help students of Junior Primary to realize the ever-growing loss of green cover, and in helping to re-establish the lost green glory. A list of popular messages to conserve trees/plants were written on a paper and pasted on a huge tree trunk to highlight the importance of conservation of plants. A skit was also performed on the same theme to drive the message effectively. Saplings are being planted by children on their birthdays regularly. At present we have taken up a massive tree plantation project called Greenathalon.


As a part of our project “Saturday’s Soul mate” teachers from Classes, I & II visit orphanages to handover blankets, stationery material and some eatables which are collected from the teachers and students as part of “JOY OF GIVING WEEK”.


Club activities are the right platform to hone the skills of the students. The talent of the students is brought to the limelight. They are provided with the opportunity to pursue their hobbies in various arenas like Block Printing, Dance, Music, Best out of waste, Junior Einstein, Sports….


As a part of the Mega Haritha Haram Programme, International Father’s Day was celebrated uniquely by both father and child planting saplings together.

At present we have taken up a massive tree plantation project called “GREENATHALON”

“Save the sparrow” project was envisaged to make the children realize that some birds and animals are becoming extinct and we, in our small way need to do something. Earthen pots were put up on the trees as shelters and feeders were placed to facilitate the arrival of sparrows. A separate pet corner was also created for rabbits and hens. It is a part of the environment project.

All sections of class II visit an orphanage on the last Friday of every month to distribute old toys, books, and eatables.

This activity forms the basis of the value system of a child; the child needs to be taught to ‘reach out’ to other individuals. In this regard, special assemblies were conducted during December, wherein the focus was to show the importance of ‘caring’ and ‘sharing’.

Delhi Public School Nacharam has always taken an initiative to incorporate and integrate activities that would enrich the students of Junior Primary and nurture their growth into equipoised individuals. British Council ISA, is one such initiative, which saw a large community of students working together on various activities which were conducted to highlight the message of global oneness. ‘EAST OR WEST BREAKFAST IS THE BEST’ was a project taken up by class II children to emphasize the importance of the first meal of the day. During this project, children learned about the breakfast patterns of different nations.

We also had an interactive session with the Nutritionist Mrs. Ashrita. The weeklong celebration ended with a take-home message- ‘Eat Healthily, Stay Healthy’.

  • SPEAKING CORRIDORS: A visual treat to the eyes. This is a joint student-teacher activity that displays learning through visual depiction.
  • GRANNY ON SKYPE: Moral values which are the base of holistic development in the child are taught through stories by grannies on Skype.
  • DIARY WRITING: The Creative writing skills among students are nurtured and developed through this unique concept of Diary Writing where students pen down their experiences.
  • KIDS SPECTRUM: A feather in our cap where a special show displayed the communication skills of our students. Class I dealt with “Science from Dawn to Dusk” in our daily lives and Class II delved into the world of “Colours and their Harmonic Rhythms”. It was a 100% participation Programme.
  • EXHIBITION ON ART & CRAFT: Napkins in Block Printing and various other Artworks made by the students of I & II were put up as an exhibition.