Career Guidance & Counselling


Career guidance and counseling programs at Delhi Public School Nacharam aim to help students make more informed and better educational and career choices. Career guidance cell offers career options, suggestions on stream selections and senior secondary opportunities that are associated with their field of interest. The concept of Career exploration is introduced to students in grade 9 and the support continues till grade 12. At DPS students are exposed to all the streams in order to get a bigger picture of course choices. From Engineering to Design or sports our students are encouraged to select a stream of their interest and aptitude.

Career Exploration
Students are given a head start from grade 9 and are mentored to explore their potential and know their Interests, aptitude and personality.
Various sessions are conducted to help understand their inner potential and make a wise career choice.

Group Career Guidance Session
Group Career sessions include seminars, classroom talk on various career options after 10th and 12th. Students are informed about Entrance exams after 12th and college information like eligibility and entrance criteria.

Email Communication and Personalized attention
From time to time parents of grade 10, 11 and 12 are informed through emails about the Career events in the city. Besides, entrance notifications are updated for Grade 12. One – on – one sessions for students and meetings with parents is an ongoing process throughout the academic year.

Education Fair
Education fair is a mega event organized every year in the school. Over 30 Institutions from 14 different streams participate. National and International universities come to the fair to give an overview of their courses and prospects.

Career Sessions
Both National and International universities are invited to the school to give career talks.
Students also visit the campuses and participate in various career events. Also, senior secondary students are updated about the various educational fairs and university information.

Students are encouraged to apply for merit scholarships and school supports with references and resources for it.

Application support:
Students applying to abroad universities receive application support like Letter of recommendation and uploading the required documents to complete the application process.

Community Service:
Students are given opportunities to enhance their profile by participating in various community services like CPR and First Aid programs from Canadian Red Cross.

⦁ Addressing the concerns of children in Social, Emotional, and psychological needs.
⦁ Helping Children Acclimatize to the Hostel environment.
⦁ Co-ordinating with Wardens for different concerns and to resolve Conflict issues.
⦁ Co-ordinating with teachers to improve academic performance.
⦁ Co-ordinating with hostel accounts department to know the updates on fee payments and Follow up.
⦁ Co-ordinating with P.E.T. and various other departments to plan for promotional activities.
⦁ Being available for parents with prior appointment.
⦁ Overseeing M.I. and Library departments.
⦁ Regularly interacting with parents via E-Mails, Telephone, Video call’s , and updating them.
⦁ Involving the teachers by inviting them to encourage the students by visiting them in their convenient time.


Psychology at DPS is offered as a subject at senior secondary level. The department of psychology is a fully functional as per CBSE norms, equipped with lab and complete psychological testing material. Around 100 students enrolled in the subject are imparted knowledge and skills needed for the understanding and supporting human behaviour in different domains shaping their perception and ability to analyse and interpret behaviours. They understand why people behave as they do and learn to take charge of their own life and enhance their personal effectiveness.


The school plays an important role in enhancing educational competence as well as promoting psycho-social development of children and adolescents. Learning styles vary. Not all students are able to learn successfully at the same pace, with the same approach, in the same environment, on the same path and in the same style and manner. Our Psychology Department at DPS plays the added up role of guiding parents and giving proper orientation which can help children with problems of learning, to enhance self confidence, self esteem, communication skills, interpersonal relations and assertiveness. Each and every child’s IQ, aptitude and interests are evaluated to identify and allow optimum growth. Apart from imbibing basic educational skills, they also emphasise on how one must get along with his peers, human values, needs and competence in every child. Counseling Services at DPS focus on developing the learning process in the most productive and meaningful way and thereby create stimulating avenues for each child’s learning potential and success.