Our Approch towards Cambridge Primary


Welcome to DPS-Cambridge Primary

Cambridge Primary starts learns on an exciting educational journey, setting out what they should be ableto know and do at each stage of their primary education. the programme is designed to help learns develop the skills they need to succeed in their primary education and progress to Cambridge Lower Secondary, the next stage of learning.

Five elements lie at the heart of a Cambridge education:

  • International curriculum
  • Teaching and learning
  • Assessment
  • International recognition
  • Global community.


The learning objectives in the Cambridge Primary Curriculum Frameworks define the content for teaching and learning. You can tailor the content to your learners' needs. It is also flexible, and can be taught alongside local and national curricula. You can teach as many or as few subjects as you wish.


Each subject is supported by an extensive range of high-quality teaching and learning resources, and a choice of assessments. These are all directly aligned to the learning objectives in the Curriculum Frameworks to make sure all aspects of our programme are coherent.


We offer a range of optional assessments to help you prove and improve learning:

  • Potential: Our Cambridge CEM baseline and diagnostic assessments help measure and benchmark learners’ potential (InCAS).
  • Progress: Use Cambridge Primary Progression Tests to check learners’ progress in Stages 3, 4, 5 and 6. They are updated annually and marked in school.
  • Achieve: Monitor individual and group performance at the end of the Cambridge Primary programme using Cambridge Checkpoint tests. See how your learners are performing in comparison to the rest of their class and against an international benchmark. We mark the tests.

Cambridge Primary Progression Tests and Cambridge Primary Checkpoint are developed in parallel with the Curriculum Frameworks. This means you can be sure that your learners will be tested on the content you have covered in the classroom.




French as Foreign Language

Global Perspectives




Physical Education

Spanish as Foreign Language

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