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Cambridge International


A dream school for every child!

Delhi Public School Nacharam is one of the Best Cambridge Schools in Hyderabad. Cambridge international prepares students for life – availing them to develop lasting ardency for learning and an apprised curiosity. The school is affiliated to IGCSE which is one of the most sought-after and recognized qualifications in the world. The IGCSE Programme has worldwide status and credibility.

Cambridge programs inspire students to love learning, helping them discover new abilities and a wider world. We encourage learners to develop In-depth subject knowledge and higher-order thinking skills like– problem solving, critical thinking, independent research, collaboration, presenting arguments. And we help students develop the skills they require for life, and to achieve at school, university and career.

The five elements of Cambridge education are International curriculum, assessment, teaching and learning, global community, and international recognition.


Cambridge assessments are designed to be fair, reliable valid, and practicable. We assess what we keen to be of value: deep subject erudition, conceptual understanding, and higher caliber cerebrating skills with a flexible assessment structure that maximizes time for teaching and learning.

Multifarious activities and exposures engage the students to be a perennial learner at our school.

Cambridge learner Attributes

Cambridge Schools in Hyderabad
Cambridge Schools in Hyderabad
Cambridge Pathway
Cambridge Schools in Hyderabad

Our Mission

To blend academic integrity with a global curriculum and create a holistic learning eco-system that encourages students to dream big, work towards achieving their dreams and manifest as entrepreneurs and creative lateral thinkers for the unknown future.

Our Values

  • Benevolence
  • Honesty
  • Perseverance
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Discipline

Our Vision

Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) at DPS aims to implement the best educational practices from across the globe and impart a truly world-class educational experience. Augmenting education with a proven, and widely ratified curriculum that gives students the ability to analyze things from an outspread perspective and shape them into eminent sculptors of a better tomorrow is our prime motto.

Our Goal

To empower and nurture the Cambridge students into self-made individuals who are fueled with zeal to change the world and a strong independent skill-set to keep up with the rapidly progressing world.

Cambridge Schools in Hyderabad


  • Offering a diverse and salubrious learning environment and engendering a platform for CAIE students to leverage the benefits of the program.
  • Giving the students access to the best academicians from across the globe to nurture them and guide them into becoming academically sound eminent bellwethers.
  • Providing the best learning and sports infrastructure to ascertain the students make optimal utilization of their time at school.
  • Mentoring and guiding students in such a way that they grow up into ethical human beings and ken the consequentiality of veracity, integrity, discipline, and dedication.


Recognized and accredited as an extensively-certified centre of excellence for world-class edification, DPS Nacharam philosophy is to engender a diverse, yet inclusive learning environment that promotes overall magnification and salubrity of students discovers hidden aptitudes, and embraces their achievements. Like all our other programs, for CAIE, we welcome students from all religions, nationalities and socio-economic backgrounds, engender a sense of togetherness among them and nurture them into being salubrious denizens who are zealous to prosper in life, while they value people, time, money and other paramount resources.

Quality Policy

Cambridge students take responsibility, alive with curiosity, and optate to dive deep. They probe to dive deeper into their assigned competency and seek pellucidity and pursue any concern. They are prepared to take an interest usefully in the public eye and the economy and look to exemplify themselves in the society.