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DPS Nacharam, the Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad, having peregrinated for 8 years, it’s the time when the children are at the threshold of High School. An exclusive 2nd and 3rd floor is the Hi-tech campus with all the state of the art facilities make learning paramount and productive. Leadership skills and humanity are the key areas of emphasis molding and grooming the students to face life challenges thrown at them. Mentoring at DPS is not learning the facts, but training the minds to think.

Special features of Secondary Level

    • ATAL Tinkering Lab (ATL)
    • Career guidance
    • Happy hours
    • Joy of giving
    • Wheelathon
    • Hostel facility during board exams
    • Field trips/Educational tours
    • Workshops, Seminars, and guest lectures
    • Life skills
    • Academic Support Programme (ASP)
    • Remedial and enrichment classes
    • Academic entrance exam coaching for CLAT, SAT, IIT, NEET
    • Olympiads and other competitive exams
    • Regular and special class/house assemblies
    • Interschool competitions
    • Intra murals / Sports academy / coaching
    • Wall magazine
    • State-of-the-art laboratories
    • One to one attention and counseling sessions
    • Inter-disciplinary projects
    • Each-one-teach-one
    • Student adoption by non-class/subject teacher for academic support
    • Green initiatives
    • Excellence in performing and visual arts
    • Weekly clubs
ATL Lab / Collaborative projects

ATL is an initiative of NITI Aayog to support innovation and start-up culture in today’s youth in solving major problems. Students of Grade 9 and 10 actively participated and DPS was ranked 1 in the Agritech category at ATL marathon.


Special guidance and coaching with no additional cost is offered to students to quality and achieve success in all external assessments like IEO, IMO, NSO, SMTE, NTSE, IGKO, NCO. Many DPSites have achieved national and international ranks.

Hostel facility during board exams

DPS Nacharam, the Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad, facilitates the comfort of attending classes up to 8 p.m. during board exams to save travel time and to help parents who cannot extend support due to their job or family commitments.

Workshops, Seminars and Guest lectures

Regular addresses and lectures by eminent personalities from various fields provide encouragement and support to students.

Regular and special assemblies

Regular morning assemblies by classes and house assemblies are of great significance and relevance to Secondary wing, which ensures 100% participation.

Week celebrations

DPS prides in celebrating special weeks ranging from Library week, Safety week, Language week, Health and Wellness, Technology week, Math and Science Week to PVA week providing a great learning platform.

Intra and Inter School competitions

Students are given equal opportunity and training to participate in inter-school competitions like debate, extempore, elocution, recitation, etc., The winners are trained further to represent the school in inter-school competitions. The success rate has been maximum.

Intra murals / Sports Academies / Coaching

DPS gives equal emphasis to sports as much as academics. We believe in a healthy mind in a healthy body. With a sprawling campus and diverse sporting options, MK’s Badminton Academy being the crown, DPS offers cricket, football, tennis, swimming, rifle shooting, basketball, shot put training and many students have reached National and International levels.

Work experience

As part of the CBSE curriculum, DPS allots specific time and periods every month to carry out the prescribed work experience tasks like Family budgeting, First aid, Gardening, and Shramdaan.

Excellence in performing and visual arts

Training in dance, vocal, instrumental, sketching, painting, sculpting and pottery helps students to keep their roots fixed to our culture and traditions.