Why Choose AS & A Levels at Delhi Public School – Nacharam?

Delhi Public School – Nacharam, affiliated with Cambridge University Press & Assessment, offers Cambridge International AS and A Levels, known for their international recognition and rigorous academic standards. Choosing these qualifications provides numerous advantages:


Two Levels :

  • Cambridge International A Levels consist of two levels: AS (Advanced Subsidiary) Level and A (Advanced) Level.
  • AS Level is typically taken in the first year, and A Level in the second year.

Subject Options :

  • CAIE offers a wide range of subjects across various disciplines, including sciences, humanities, social sciences, and the arts.
  • Students can choose subjects aligned with their career aspirations or interests. Offered subjects at DPS Nacharam include English, Mathematics, Sciences, Accounting, Economics, Business, Psychology, Art & Design, Computer Science, and more.


  • Cambridge A Levels offer flexibility in subject combinations, allowing students to tailor their academic path to their strengths and goals.

Assessment :

  • Assessment for Cambridge A Levels typically includes written exams, often with coursework components, ensuring standardized and rigorous evaluation.

Grading :

  • A Levels are graded on a scale from A* (highest) to E (lowest).
  • The AS Level is a standalone qualification and contributes to the overall A Level grade.

Recognition :

  • Cambridge International A Levels are globally recognized by universities and employers, equivalent to GCE A Levels in the UK.

Global Availability :

  • These qualifications are available worldwide at Cambridge-affiliated institutions.

University Entry :

  • A Level qualifications are commonly accepted for university admissions, both domestically and internationally.

Preparation for University :

  • Cambridge A Levels are designed to provide a strong academic foundation, preparing students for higher education.

Transferable Skills :

  • Studying A Levels develops critical thinking, research, and problem-solving skills applicable across diverse fields.

Timetable :

  • A Levels typically span two years, with exams held at the end of the second year. Accelerated options are also available.

Why Choose Cambridge A Levels at DPS Nacharam?

  • Cambridge Advanced is tailored for learners aged 16 to 19, preparing them for university and higher education.
  • DPS offers a curriculum rooted in academic rigor, reflecting the latest educational research and practices worldwide.
  • The school provides a robust platform for student progression, supported by teacher-curated resources.
  • Syllabuses are regularly reviewed to incorporate the latest research and teaching practices, accommodating various national contexts.
  • Collaboration with teachers and leading universities ensures students master key concepts and develop essential skills for higher education.

Teaching Materials :

  • DPS offers an extensive array of teaching and learning materials, including science lab sessions, internships with reputed firms, field trips, and guest lectures.
  • Resources include textbooks, example candidate responses, mapping documents, personalized improvement plans, and exam preparation materials.
  • DPS offers an extensive array of teaching and learning materials, including science lab sessions, internships with reputed firms, field trips, and guest lectures.


  • The school boasts achievements such as Model United Nations participation, organizing fundraisers, hosting the UN Sports Day, offering internships, and providing career choice workshops and individual counseling.

May – June 2023 AS Level Examination Results:

  • Physics: 3 out of 4 students secured an A grade.
  • Chemistry: 3 out of 4 students secured an A grade.
  • Biology: 2 out of 6 students secured an A grade.

In summary, choosing Cambridge International AS and A Levels at Delhi Public School – Nacharam ensures students receive a world-class education that equips them with the knowledge and skills necessary for higher education and future career success.

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