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Pre-Republic Day (CAIE) 2017-18 26-1-2018 CAIE celebrated the Pre-Republic Day celebration on 25th Jan 2018.Students were all dressed in blue jeans and white kurta. The patriotic fervour of the students were visible in the special assembly where they performed the music, dance and speech to help students understand the importance of the Republic Day. The celebration manifested the spirit of unity and togetherness and taught the students to take pride in the culture of the country. Click Here
ISA(CAIE) 2017-18 20-1-2018 Cup-O-Mania, an exclusive exhibition of Cambridge International’s ISA project, was hosted on 20th January 2018.
It was the realization of the hard work and effort of the students in gaining insight about ‘Global Tea Cultures’. The students prepared various exhibits based on their research of Maghrebi Mint Tea (Morocco), Yerba Mate (Argentina), Chai (India), Matcha/Sado (Japan), Po Cha (Tibet) and Zavarka (Russia). The venue was magically transformed into Chashitsu – a house where Sado tea ceremony is hosted in Japan..
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Grand Presentation(CAIE) 2017-18 20-1-2018 Students of CAIE showcased their exemplary academic and non-academic skills before their parents through the Grand Presentation which was conducted on 20th January,2018 at DPS,Nacharam. The students exhibited their ICT familiarity by showcasing an application which they had built .The club activities and different sports activities like skating, swimming, karate and rifle shooting were also demonstrated with élan. The Grand Presentation revealed the remarkable skills of the students and helped the parents to understand more about the incredible abilities of their wards. Click Here
Sankranthi(CAIE) 2017-18 12-1-2018 The students explained the importance of three day celebrations of Sankranti through skit. The students made kites and participated in making kites and colour full rangoli. The harvest festival of North and south India were celebrated with music and dance. Click Here
Math Mania Assembly(CAIE) 2017-18 5-1-2018 Math week celebrations on account of Sri Ramanujan’s Birthday on 22nd December.
The students exhibited their knowledge of mathematics in number concepts, fractions, time, measurement, symmetry and shapes e.t.c
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Karate Belt Test CAIE 22-12-2017 Click Here
Family Connect(CAIE) 2017-18 16-12-2017 Parent Connect Programme” was held on 16-12- 2017 (Saturday) from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. School organized variety of sports thrills and cultural entertainment. Different counters were set and teachers facilitated the games to be enjoyed by the students and parents. Parents were thrilled to participate in the ramp walk with their wards. Medals were given for the best display of talent. It was a meticulously planned events where the parents and students enjoyed and danced to the beats of the music. Parents appreciated the arrangements made to entertain them by applauding the efforts put by the school Click Here
Inter school Competition pics(CAIE) 2017-18 15-12-2017 Buzznetics’- an inter-school skating and spell-bee competition for stages 4, 5 and 6 was organized in a grand manner by Cambridge International wing of Delhi Public School Nacharam on 15th December 2017. Seven prestigious international schools participated in the event to promote a culture of competitive spirit and harmony amongst the schools in the vicinity of Hyderabad city Click Here
Annual Day CAIE 2017-18 14-11-2017 When the winds of change blow, some build walls while others build windmills.

Change is content in the world and awareness of our immediate surroundings act as the greatest agent for change. To live purposefully, we have to adjust our sails to the winds of change and recreate ourselves endlessly. Are we going to get cast away or can we raise our sails?

The students of Cambridge International conducted their Annual Day on 14th November 2017 with the theme of different types of changes- biological change, societal change, digital change and physical change. The event was highly appreciated by the management, parents and the staff and will be remembered for years to come.

The triumph was made possible by the relentless efforts of the entire staff of CAIE and our Head mistress Mrs Krishni Sri. The chief guest N.V.S.S Prabhakar, a politician, MLA and deputy floor leader of Bharatiya Janata Party in Telangana, was the esteemed guest of honor. Mr. Prabhakar was visibly impressed by the impeccable performance showcased by the students across different grades.

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